Internal Audit

The internal audit service gives an opinion on the suitability of the internal control system of the enterprise, from which proposing solutions to reduce costs, improve system performance, and manage corporate governance, increase risk management and limit errors and fraud.

Internal Audit

The role of internal audit is increasingly appreciated in a globalized market economy requiring information transparency and is a mechanism to timely prevent and detect risks during the operation course.

Therefore, if the company needs support such as compliance with internal regulations on corporate governance as well as compliance with the law; the need for the development of a risk management system or assessment of the existing risk management system; In order to make up for the existing resources, A & C is ready to be your companion to support you.Therefore, in case that you are in need of assistance in complying with the internal corporate governance as well as legal regulations; demand to develop an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system or assess their available ERM system; or expectation of making up for the existing resources, our A&C is willing a companion offering you our support.

Our skillful staff of professionals experienced in internal audit with understanding and knowledge on the profession and relevant issues, is willing to provide a wide spectrum of advisory services which include the provision of internal audit teams, corporate governance, enterprise risk management, quality assurance reviews, legal compliance review and review of internal controls over financial statement preparation, etc.  In addition, we also offer independent advisory to your Board of Management, Control Board or Executive Officers on your risks and the state of control, and together work to implement any improvements if necessary.

Through our internal audit services, we support the Company in corporate governance improvement, risk management enhancement and misstatement and fraud restraint; help you to review your internal control system quality then providing an assessment opinion on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the system; simultaneously, to reduce the costs on maintaining a bulky management system, improve working efficiency, enhance responsibility, and develop control procedures more effectively.