A&C Auditing and Consulting Company Limited or Baker Tilly A&C is an official member of Baker Tilly International – one of the eight leading international networks of auditing and advisory firms, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Established since 1992, Baker Tilly A&C has developed and expanded our network to major economic centers across the country, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang and Can Tho. We have been providing auditing service, tax and legal consultancy, valuation and training service to over 2,000 clients operating in various industries and fields.

With our team of experienced auditors, appraisers, financial advisors and consultants, our Baker Tilly A&C is proud to offer our local and international clients with the best professional services.

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Baker Tilly A&C’s audit approach is not merely formality. We support your businesses to meet the needs for transparency, improve financial information quality and enhance your business values.

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With profound knowledge, deep understanding of local laws and rich experiences in accounting and tax, our specialists have been providing optimal solutions to clients.

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Understanding your concerns of relatively complex regulatory environment and investment procedures, Baker Tilly A&C is always there to be your trusted companion in your journey of doing business in Vietnam.


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We provide valuation services for various purposes, including the valuation of business, share capital, transfer capital, goodwill; property valuation; valuation of merchandises, machinery and equipment, production line, vehicles, and other assets.

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The Accounting Department holds a very important role in providing input information for the leadership’s decisions. Accurate and timely accounting data will help the management of your business to make decisions for its operation enrichment and in response to business environment changes.

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In the competitive business environment nowadays, improving professional skills and know-how for the staff have become decisive factors for sustainable growth of any business. Therefore, competence and skill enhancement   have always called special attention of the management of all businesses.

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