Vision & Strategy

Our vision and strategy are realized with high respects from public and communities and relevant parties.


Our vision is to retain our position as TOP 5 professional firms in independent audit, financial advisory, tax and legal services in Vietnam with our great dedication, recognized reliability and a team of highly qualified professional staff who are experienced in various industries.


With close and active supports from BAKER TILLY INTERNATIONAL member firms, Baker Tilly A&C will stronger affirm its position not only nationwide but also worldwide with our high-quality audit and non-audit services, assurance and advisory services. Baker Tilly A&C has been a trusted companion of clients operating in various sectors.

Our staffs are constantly trained and updated of intensive expertise, professional working style and serve clients with our great dedication and the highest quality services. All are to build up and maintain reputation of Baker Tilly A&C in both local and international communities. With the stronger growth of the country, Baker Tilly A&C, in all circumstances, is always making united efforts to contribute to the development of accounting-audit profession as well as and of the society in many ways.